Frequently Asked Questions

Oliver's General And Service FAQs

If you don't see an answer to a question or concern you might have, please submit a Contact Us or our Service Request Form online or call us at 1-888-526-3978.

General FAQs

Why did the Oliver family begin manufacturing fiberglass travel trailers?

Twin brothers, Jim and John Oliver, spent a lot of time in travel trailers, whether it was family camping trips or overnighting at job sites across the country. After years of dealing with cheaply manufactured trailers that seemed to always be in need of repair, the brothers decided to put their own spin on the travel trailer. They vowed to make a better, more durable trailer that could be used for years and years to come, creating a legacy to be passed from generation to generation. Enter the Oliver Legacy Elite and Elite II campers.

How long has Oliver Travel Trailers been in business?

The Oliver family began manufacturing fiberglass travel trailers in 2008. With the economic crash in 2009, we temporarily stopped production of our travel trailers until the RV industry recovered, still providing service to existing customers. With our fiberglass division continuing to make bath products, we were able to keep many of our great employees. With the RV industry beginning to regain its momentum, we reopened our travel trailer division in 2014 and have continued to grow every year. The Oliver family of companies now employs over 500 hard working employees.

What makes Oliver different from other fiberglass travel trailers?

There are many things that set us apart from the rest of the industry, but here are just a few major differences:  We do not use wood in the structural design of the roof, exterior walls or floor, thus no worries about wood rot. The aircraft grade aluminum frame on an Oliver provides durability, longevity and is lighter than steel. Our hull is composed of four separate single piece composite shells for added structural integrity, insulation and weather resistance. Many of the standard features found on an Oliver are considered upgrades on our competitor's trailers. All of these things are unique to Oliver in the fiberglass travel trailer industry.

Is an Oliver suitable for camping in freezing temperatures?

An Oliver can camp in very extreme temperatures. Because of its thoroughly insulated double shell and the fact that all water lines, appliances, tanks are enclosed within the lower shell, the Oliver is the perfect travel trailer for anyone who wants to brave below freezing temperatures. Remember to always properly winterize your Oliver when traveling between camping sights whenever the potential for freezing is present.

Is an Oliver travel trailers easy to pull?

Yes! The Oliver is lightweight because it is built with an aluminum frame and hulls that are made up of all composite materials. The slim aerodynamic design of an Oliver allows it to track right behind your tow vehicle making lane changing and turning corners easy.

What is the ordering process?

Once you decide you’re ready to order we work up an invoice of what you want. Once the invoice is finished a $2,500 deposit is required which will then place your unit in the queue. You have 7 days to cancel your order without penalty. After the first 7 days and the time your unit goes into production, a cancellation fee of $1,500 will be applied to any canceled order.

Ninety days before your production start date, you will need to make all final selections of options and pay a second deposit to bring your total deposit to 50% of the purchase price or 15% for financed units. Cancellations after that will result in a 15% cancellation fee.

The remaining balance is due at delivery.

How long is the build process?

Approximately 5-6 weeks, depending on options purchased and model. Quality takes time.

What is the warranty on an Oliver Travel Trailer?

Limited 5 Year Warranty to the original purchaser on the fiberglass body and aluminum chassis undercarriage against defects in material or workmanship.

2 Year Parts Limited Warranty to the original purchaser on all components manufactured and installed by Oliver against defects in material or workmanship.

1 Year Components Limited Warranty to the original purchaser on all components against defects in material or workmanship

Lifetime Continual Support Oliver Travel Trailers continues to give support via our service request page. Oliver owners may also get help from our vast knowledge base found on the Oliver Travel Trailer website and forums.

Can I take a plant tour?

Yes! We encourage you to visit our facility to get an up close and personal tour of our manufacturing process. We are confident that after you see how well we build travel trailers you will have your mind made up about what you want. So please, come see us and ask as many questions as you have? Tours are scheduled Monday through Friday 9 AM or 1 PM CST. They are available by appointment only. Please give a 24-hour notice. You can call us at 1-888-526-3978 or visit us online at Oliver Plant Tour webpage.

How do I sign up for a field visit?

Since we only sell Oliver Travel Trailers through our sales office in Hohenwald, TN, we know it can be difficult for many interested in purchasing a trailer to come to our showroom to see one in person. We have a unique program setup for those interested in viewing an Oliver Travel Trailer near you.

Our Field Visit Program allows you to see another owner's travel trailer near you. Simply visit our See An Ollie webpage and request to view an owner's travel trailer. Our representatives will reach out to owners to help coordinate a visit.

How much does an Oliver cost?

Our base price includes a list of standard features that are considered options on most of our competitor’s trailers. When you combine this with the obvious Oliver Differences like 4 composite shells, aluminum frames and four season camping you will agree that the Elite II starting at $74,000 is the best value in the industry.

Why do Oliver Travel Trailers cost more than some other trailers?

We use additional composite materials for a stronger shell than others and the interior shells are also constructed this way so we have more than twice the materials over other trailers. We also have an aluminum frame, 3,500 twin axles with leaf springs and quad shocks for a more stable ride and tow. The latches are stainless steel marine grade that will last you a life time. In our base unit we have more standard features than most of the other manufacturers so be sure to read our standard features in our base unit when comparing to other units.

Does Oliver Travel Trailers offer financing?

Yes! Oliver has partnered with Epic Finance to help you set up a comprehensive payment plan that works for you. You may also choose to finance through your local credit union or other banking institution. For more information, please visit our travel trailers Financing webpage.

Does Oliver accept trade-ins?

We are not an RV Dealer in the typical sense. We represent our factory as the sales agency in a unique factory outlet program. Since we only sell Ollies, we are not able to take trade ins. In general RV dealers will make money on your trade in. Why not consider selling it yourself in one of the many online RV marketplaces and keep that money in your pocket? Ask to speak with our sales manager and he may even be able to help you properly price your current unit for the best sales price.

Will Oliver customize my trailer for me?

We want to build a trailer that you will enjoy for many years and we know that sometimes you may have unconventional needs. In the past while we were growing our customers served as an ad hoc R & D department for us. We were open to trying many different products. Some of these ended up becoming standard features or approved options and others led both us and our customers to wish we’d never considered them. We have since found that we had a consistently high quality product and ample option packages that we could stand behind and allow you to personalize your Ollie so we made the decision to no longer do any more customizations on our production line.

Can I buy a used Oliver?

At this time, we only sell new Oliver Travel Trailers. Occasionally, owners will sell their Oliver privately. Since the demand outweighs the supply of used Oliver's, the resale value is quite exceptional and many times, close to what a new until costs. If considering purchasing a used Oliver, we highly recommend getting a hassle-free quote on a new unit so you can make the best decision.

What is the difference between the Elite I and Elite II models?

Although both models essentially consist of the same components, they are quite different. The Elite I model is a shorter (18’ 5"), single-axle trailer with a 5,000 lbs. GVWR. The Elite II model is a longer (23’ 6”) tandem-axle trailer with a 7,000 lbs. GVWR . The Elite II model comes in 2 different floor plans and the Elite I model comes in 1. One thing they definitely have in common is that they are both quality campers that are built to last a lifetime!

What is a good tow vehicle for either model?

Every manufacturer sets their vehicles towing capacity which can have several different ratings with a single model depending on engine size, transmission, spring capacity to mention some of the components that can change its tow capacity. Example: A 2013 Ford F150 can have between 5,500 Lbs to 11,000 Lbs tow capacity depending on its configuration. While there are many moving parts to the towing equation, most modern ½ ton pick-ups will tow the heavier Oliver Elite II. The GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) is 7,000 lbs. The GVWR on the lighter Elite I model is 5,000 lbs. As long as your tow limit (lbs.) is equal to or higher than the GVWR on either model you are safe.

What should I bring with me to pick up my trailer?

We will provide you with a potable water hose, waste hose, lug wrench, water pressure regulator, etc. Here is a list of things you should bring to your delivery day: water filter, toolbox with socket set, wheel chocks, jack blocks, levelers, flashlight, emergency road kit, tire gauge.

How many people can an Oliver sleep?

Both models can comfortably sleep 2-3 people.

Does the gel coat get chalky or discolored over time?

Gel coat has and still is used in production of cars, boats and airplanes. Just like the paint on a new car, if you keep it washed and waxed properly it will retain its appearance. Always wash bird droppings and tree sap off soon as possible and keep under shelter when not in use. This will add a lot of years to keeping its original appearance.

What kind of insulation does Oliver use?

There are three ways to transfer heat: Conduction (through a solid material), Convection (through air space) and Radiant (reflective heat transmission.) The Oliver uses materials and construction techniques to take advantage of all three. The fiberglass hulls provide conductive insulation while the built in air gap between the inner and outer hull provide convective protection just like you would find in a double sided insulated cup. The Oliver is fully insulated between the exterior and interior shells with an insulated double-sided radiant barrier, which is best described as follows: "Reflective aluminum foil on each side of a 5mm (13/64 inch) polyethylene bubble center."

"*Polyethylene Bubble + Radiant barrier + Vapor Barrier + Air Gap Barrier".

This unique material provides a combination of radiant, convective and conductive protection. The foil radiates heat back into the camper in the winter or away from the camper in the summer. The foam insulation is infused with billions of tiny air bubbles that provide convective protection while the foam itself provides conductive protection. At only 13/64" thick this powerful product provides an R16 insulation rating. You would need approximately 4 3/4" of standard fiberglass batt insulation to equal this performance. The insulation we use serves as a radiant, vapor and air barrier making camping in any temperature a pleasurable experience.

Why is there no carpet in an Oliver?

Aside from being a dirt trap, carpet promotes mildew, mold, and other allergens. Other trailers use it for sound dampening or extra insulation. The Oliver is designed to dampen sound and keep a well-regulated temperature in any weather conditions, without the use of carpet. You will find the smooth gel-coat finish of the Oliver interior to be very hypoallergenic and easy to clean.

Do the electric jacks automatically stabilize the trailer?

Setting up at your campsite is quick and easy using our electric three-point stabilization jack system. Our jack system is manually controlled by switches located on the trailer. In order to level your trailer we recommend accessory RV leveling blocks.

What size are the water tanks?

Fresh Tank = Design Capacity 32 Gal.

Gray Tank = Design Capacity 32 Gal.

Black Tank = Design Capacity 15 Gal.

Do the trailers include inverters?

We offer optional true sine wave inverters to help utilize all of your 110v outlets while protecting your sensitive electronics. This allows you to run your microwave and other electronics as long as you have sufficient battery capacity. Large items can draw your battery bank down so be conservative in their use.

Is the awning automatic and motorized?

Our standard awning is a powered awning that can automatically retract in high wind conditions.

Service FAQs

Where can I find tips and guidelines for towing, camping and maintaining my Ollie?

All of our travel trailers models and components manuals can be found on the Oliver University webpage.

You may also ask our owners and techs on our forum webpage. They will be happy to help!

Where do I take my trailer for service or warranty?

Depending on your specific needs, there are a couple of different options. Our service manager can put you in touch with a great RV service station near you or in some cases it is better to bring your Oliver back to the factory. For more information please call us at 1-888-526-3978 or you may submit a ticket using our service form.

How do I clean the floor?

First sweep it with soft bristle broom to remove any loose dirt or debris. Then simply mop with a Swiffer. It's that easy.

How do I protect my Ollie from chips caused by road debris being thrown up from my tow vehicle?

Transportation Grade Gel Coat is tough but if a rock chip does happen its relatively easy to repair. Matching color is not a problem even several years down the road because of the added UV protectant in our Bright White Gel Coat. We do suggest some type of mud flap on the tow vehicle to help prevent rocks from being thrown against the trailer. Airstream offers a rock guard on some of their models but the aluminum will become dented by rocks over time. These dents will be much larger and more noticeable than the small chips that could potentially happen to the fiberglass (our travel trailers won't dent) even in large hail storms.

For this reason many insurance companies charge higher premiums for aluminum trailers. One other suggestion would be to look at 3M products website. They make a product called Clear Mask that can protect the front of your trailer and is easy to replace every few years if needed. The bottom line is anything can happen and if you travel the ALCAN HWY chips will happen but can be fixed easily and at little cost. However most of our customers have had little to no problems with chips in the fiberglass. Please look to our forums and ask actual owners about their experiences.

What size generator should I purchase?

We recommend a 3000w generator which will provide enough power for the Oliver and will also run the AC if you purchase the Micro-Air Easy Start capacitor.

How often should I have my bearings re-packed?

For models without the Dexter Nev-R Lube Axle, you will need to repack the wheel bearing periodically. From Dexter: Along with bearing adjustment, proper lubrication is essential to the current function and reliability of your trailer axle. Bearings should be lubricated every 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever occurs first.

For new models that feature the Dexter Nev-R Lube Axles, repacking the wheel bearing is not required.

What are the proper lug torque specs on the wheels?

The lug nuts should be torqued in 3 stages to ensure even tightening.

Stage 1 – 90 lbs.
Stage 2 – 110 lbs.
Stage 3 – 120 lbs.

What do I use to wash and wax my Oliver?

There are many great wash and wax products out there. Most owners use products that are for fiberglass boats. We recommend 3M Marine wash and wax or any products made by Shurhold. For a quick clean and shine of a not so dirty trailer we recommend Serious Shine by Shurhold.

How do I Winterize my travel trailer?

We have created Oliver Winterization videos that can be found on our YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/c/olivertraveltrailers.

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