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Design Benefits & Features

Benefits of Oliver's Innovative Design

The Oliver Travel Trailers' design was inspired by years of using other travel trailers and making every aspect better.
The Oliver is built with higher quality, more efficiency, easier to use and maintain.

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4-Season Living

4 seasons camper trailer

We have not seen a more comparable travel trailer design that provides this level of extreme weather protection that the Oliver has from the elements.

With Oliver Travel Trailer's unique double hull fiberglass shell, you have similar attributes of double pane windows & we combine that with the standard LP Ducted Furnace. The inside of the Oliver will be warm even in cold temperatures. Additional composite materials built into the shells combined with reflective and insulating materials and an air gap between the two shells help keep the interior at comfortable levels but also help prevent condensation from forming on the inside.

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Easy & Stable Towing

Great attention to detail was paid to the Oliver trailer's frame and layout design, ensuring a safe, balanced, and stable towing experience.

We've strategically addressed the crucial factor of tongue weight by mounting the holding tanks low in the trailer, between the shells, and placing the batteries directly over the axles. We designed the outer lower shell to wrap around the 2-inch x 5-inch tubular aluminum frame sections, adding strength and rigidity to prevent excessive sway and twisting of the frame when hit with side winds or turbulence from passing trucks. This design choice ensures optimal towing performance.

Double Fiberglass Core

double fiberglass core

Oliver's construction takes RVs to a new level. Both the exterior and interior shells are gel-coated fiberglass, a material that offers superior benefits over metal, laminated composites, and other materials commonly used in the building of travel trailers. This means you don't have to search for older model fiberglass trailers to refurbish; Oliver is already equipped with the best.

With Oliver, you can avoid the hassle of searching for older-model fiberglass trailers to refurbish. The interior seats, cabinets, walls, floor, and counters are all made of gel-coated fiberglass, ensuring you enjoy the superior benefits of this material throughout your RV.

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Aerodynamic Design

aerodynamic design RV

The Oliver trailer's design allows for better aerodynamics while towing. The rounded corners, smooth sides, and recessed areas for external components all work together to reduce wind resistance, making it easier to pull the trailer and improving fuel efficiency.

Additionally, the enclosed underbelly of the trailer helps minimize wind drag by keeping all tanks and water lines hidden and protected. This means that the trailer can move through the air more smoothly without the resistance caused by exposed components. Overall, these design features not only make the Oliver trailer more aerodynamic but also help to enhance the overall towing experience.

Premium Class Materials

travel trailers aluminum chassis frame

The superior construction of the fiberglass shells, high-quality materials, and craftsmanship used in building the Oliver ensures durability and longevity. These qualities give you the attributes of a well-built yacht. This attention to detail extends to other components, such as latches, shore power connections, and hinges, all made of premium materials to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Even our frame and entry steps are built of aluminum for a “No Steel, No Rust, No Maintenance” factor. The decision to use 6061 aluminum equipped with zinc anodes for the frame and entry steps of the trailer is significant because aluminum is known for its strength and corrosion resistance. By choosing aluminum over steel, the trailer is less likely to rust and require maintenance.

Better Storage Capacity

closet storage

Upon entering the Oliver, you will immediately notice a large floor-to-ceiling illuminated closet with shelving. In the kitchen, under the counter, you have spacious dovetailed wooden slide-out drawers for your cutlery, dish towels, and pans. Directly across from the drawers, you have a pantry for food storage.

For added peace of mind, the Oliver is equipped with overhead illuminated storage cabinets on both sides and the back, ensuring your belongings are always within reach. With the convenience of accessing the basement from the inside and a lockable outside door, you can rest assured that your belongings are safe and secure, ready for your next journey.


self contained camper 4 season camping

If your travels take you in directions where water and electricity are unavailable, you’re in good shape in an Oliver.

Large fresh water and waste water holding tanks can get you through it. A battery bank of up to four can provide days of use because all our lighting is exceptionally energy-efficient LEDs. With two 20-pound propane tanks, you’ll have plenty of hot water and cooking abilities. For even more flexibility, our Elite II can be outfitted with 30-lb. propane tanks.

The optional solar packages and our standard remote freshwater refill abilities can stretch your stay from days to weeks.

Composite Exterior Shell

layers of chopped fiberglass

In addition to multiple layers of various composite materials, such as fiberglass mats and carbon core, the Oliver shells also include insulation sandwiched between the fiberglass shells. The carbon core adds durability and strengthens common stress areas in the shell, preventing any loss of integrity. The insulation layers make the travel trailer more energy-efficient, help regulate the unit's interior temperature, and ensure it is four-season camping-ready.

The attention to detail and the use of high-quality materials in constructing the Oliver shells set them apart from other fiberglass campers. The extra steps to reinforce stress areas and improve insulation make the Oliver shells durable, long-lasting, more efficient, and comfortable for the owner.

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