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Buyer’s Guide to Building Your Dream Oliver

Let Us Be Your Expert Companion on Your Journey to Finding the Perfect Home on Wheels

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to make the decision to purchase an Oliver. Each unit is handcrafted with over 400 man hours of skilled labor. Oliver's are as unique as their owners. As a family-owned business we look forward to welcoming you as our newest member. Here is what you can expect when you are ready to purchase. Also, be sure to check out our travel trailers for sale on our inventory page.

Step 1

Step 1

We only have a limited amount of production start dates available.

We work on a reservation system that is strictly determined by when we receive your initial deposit.

When you are ready to purchase, the first step is to contact one of our sales associates to get a personalized quote for your Oliver Legacy Elite or Oliver Legacy Elite II.
Step 2

Step 2

Once you decide you’re ready to order, we will create a quote for the trailer model and options you want. Rest assured, a $2,500 deposit is required to place your unit in the queue and ensure your order is secure. You have seven days to cancel your order without penalty. Between 7 days and the time your unit goes into production, a cancellation fee of $1,500 will be applied to any canceled order.

To keep your price as low as possible, we request that you send funds in the form of a check.

We are willing to accept credit or debit card payments for up to $2,500 of the purchase price on a case-by-case basis.
Step 3

Step 3

All final options selections are required ninety days (90) before your estimated production date, and the second deposit brings your total deposits to 50% of the purchase price. Cancellations after that will result in a 15% cancellation fee.

Our service department may be able to make modifications to your camper once it has been completed.

This will result in a separate charge paid at closing.
Step 4

Step 4

Once production begins, your Ollie will be ready for delivery in approximately six weeks.

This is the final step; the remaining 50% of the payment is due upon or before delivery.

We look forward to seeing you in Hohenwald, TN, where your first night of camping will be on us.
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